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Auto air conditioning training manual

Electronic Type Coil Type IGN 12V.
This high pressure/temperature liquid then travels through the filter drier onto the expansion valve where a small variable orifice provides a restriction against which compressor pushes.
Freezingresults when heat is removed from aliquid substance until it becomes asolid.
Source To Mode ControlAutomotive Air Conditioning Training Manual.Through regulation of compressor crankcase pressure, the wobble plate angle, and therefore compressor displacement is variable.It provides.5 volt output and requires a 5 volt regulated operation the transducer sensor applies pressure via the deflection of a two piececeramic diaphragm with one half being a parallel plate capacitor.The fieldcoil is actually an electromagnet, once energizedit draws the pressure plate towards it, locking therotor pulley and the pressure plate togethercausing the compressor internals to turn, creatingpressure and circulating refrigerant.(V) Equipment Recovery Recycling Evacuation 57 Charging Combination Refrigerant Leak detections (VI) Servicing Flushing a contaminated Testing 68 A/C performance 69 Faulty respironics everflo opi user manual performance of A/C A/C system to 74 A/C system emits unpleasant odours 75 The condenser does not dissipate enough Incorrect refrigerant Compressor displacement.If an "under" or"over" system pressure occurs the pressure switch phillips magnavox remote control user manual will "open circuit" breaking the circuit tothe compressor clutch.ComponentsCompressor Cycling ControlsPressure cycling switch - ElectricalSome vehicles using the Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube (ccot) system utilize a pressureswitch located in the low side of the A/C system between the evaporator and compressorfor compressor is pressure switch is electrically connected in series with the compressor.Temperature C Pressure above sea level (kPa) Theory 8Automotive Air Conditioning Training Manual The ozone layer Ozone (O ) is formed in upper atmosphere (stratosphere approximately 10 to 50 km above the earth surface.ComponentsCompressorsScroll type - SandenThis compressor uses a unique design with two scrolls, one fixed and one is movable, both are e movable spiral is able to orbit or oscillate withoutactually fully rotating.The evaporator temperature lowers again and the te: Normally a low pressure cut off switch is not used with a pressure cycling switch asthe pressure cycling switch is located on the low side.ComponentsFoam SealsFoam seals Without Foam SealsThese seals are fitted in between thecondenser and radiator to prevent theheated ambient air exiting above, below orto the sides of the space in between(normally 25mm) the radiator ambient air is drawn through condenserby the condenser or radiator fan, itstemperature.Desicant Strainer High Pressure LiquidAutomotive Air Conditioning Training Manual.If you take a vapor and remove enough heat from it, a change of state occurs.VapourThis condition occurs within the A/Csystem.They are approximately 25 more efficient than the serpentine tomotive Air Conditioning Training Manual.Each solenoid is allotted to a vacuum actuatoror vacuum valve (heater valve).
Lve is still via refrigerant F2expansion/contraction within a diaphragm.
Clipping is a handy emc style works xt korg crack way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.
This condition occurs within the A/C system.
With electronic fuel injected vehicles the electronic control module (ECM) isusually interconnected into the A/C wiring circuit.
Power Compressor ClutchTerminologyBinary switch - High/Low inary switch - High/Medium/Low ndenser fan control 1770kPaMedium pressure (example)Used to engage the condenser fan at a pre-determined refrigerant pressure.Cold is merely the removal of some ience tells us that a measurement called "Absolute Zero" is the point at which all heat isremoved from an object (approximately -273 C).TheoryThe ozone layerOzone (O 3 ) is formed in upper atmosphere (stratosphere approximately 10 to 50 km above theearth is layer acts as a shield that protects the earths surface from harmful ultra violet radiation comingfrom the e chlorine contained in CFCs rise into the.90 C25 C Ambient 25 C Understanding Heat All substances contain heat The average person requires a comfort zone of approximately 21 C to 26 C, with a relative humidity of 45.ComponentsProtection DevicesRefrigerant Pressure SwitchesLow pressure Refrigerant PressureUsed to interrupt the electrical circuit to the Diapraghmcompressor clutch.

Regardless, alloperate as the pump in the A/C system to keep theR134a and lubricating oil circulating, and to increase therefrigerant pressure and thus nden - Wobble plateA reciprocating piston, fixed displacement e pistons are operated by a wobble plate, whichmoves them backwards and forwards.

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